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Historical Epics

A collection of historical novels that delve into various eras and events of the past.

Heartwarming Stories

A subscription for romantic stories and dramas exploring human relationships and emotions.

Business Insights

A selection of business, marketing and leadership books for professional and personal growth.

Every page is a step towards a new discovery!

Who We Are?

At Gialucia, we believe that reading is not just a hobby, but a journey into unexplored worlds, learning new ideas and meeting unforgettable characters. Our mission is to provide you with reading subscriptions that will open up endless opportunities for discovery and inspiration.

We are founded on a passion for literature and a desire to share that passion with like-minded people. Gialucia offers a wide range of books for all tastes and interests, from classic literature to contemporary bestsellers, from profound philosophical treatises to fascinating detectives.

Each subscription at Gialucia is a carefully selected collection of books designed to enrich your inner world and broaden your horizons. We strive to make reading accessible and enjoyable for all who wish to immerse themselves in the world of books.

Join our community at Gialucia where you will find like-minded people, new ideas and sources of inspiration. Together we create a space where every book is a discovery and every page an invitation to a new adventure.

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